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A guy who is in a relationship and has no say at all in anyway on what he or they can do. It is the act of being whipped, dominated by your girlfriend. When she says jump you say how high. If this is you or your name is beanhead then you are a knickers boy. This is the lowest rank obtainable that only your mates can demote you to, only they have the power to promote you from it. Being a knickers boy should not be taken lightly, this gives your mates the right to pay you out non stop and you have no option but to take it, the same way you take it from your girlfriend. so next time your asked to go out by your mates dont be a knickers boy.
1. damn beanhead is a knickers boy, he moved to the other side of the state for his gf
2. beanhead bought a house with his gf after only being with her for a year, what a knickers boy.
3. beanheads a knickers boy because he disconnected his cold start injector to save fuel.
by Supreme hustler June 22, 2007
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