Finding ones knees so irresistibly and sexually attractive. To be turned on by ones knee cap and have desire to fondle with it. May lead to Sexual intercourse.
oh baby, you have such nice knees. I am turned on because of my knee fetish ;)
by Sexxxprincesss69 March 13, 2011
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One of the worst possible fetishes, just look at some pictures
"Hey, I might have a knee fetish" *gunshots in distance*
by NegroMuncher July 08, 2018
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people with knee fetish’s normally are names kaley and usually like chunky guys
person 1: i like chunky guys
person 2: do you have a knee fetish?
person 1: ya!! how did you know?
by kaleyhasakneefetish June 18, 2021
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a fetish where someone is sexually attracted to knees and kneecaps. it is one of the hottest fetishes known to man kind.
Timmy: Last night Greta told me to give her my knees
Jimmy: Bro I think she has a knee fetish
by TimmyTurnerTheCancerKid June 16, 2019
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A direct attraction towards a person with knobbly knees.

This attraction can be further enhanced by a persons ‘slender’ or ‘chicken legs’, generally achieved by ‘skipping leg day
Wife with knobbly knee fetish - “Wow, your knobbly knees look lovely. I will have to order three drinks to cool me down”

Husband - “thanks luv, I always skip leg day to make them even better for you”
by SloppyJoeBumsGoats September 03, 2019
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