1: to act like you're a military general with success or failure, but had NO training what-so-fucking-ever

2: the green, idiotic lizard from Donkey Kong Country
Guy 1: Soldier, give me 30 pushups, maggot!
Guy 2: Why ME?!
Guy 1: don't give me crap like that!
Guy 3: Have you had military training? Ever?
Guy 1: No, s' shut up
Guy 3: What a Klump!

Klump: Uh, yeah, um, uh, uh, String. Him. UP!
Me: What a dope, 5 tries to get him back on track
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
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Jay: yo lets klump Austin's bed
Chad & Sky: fuck ya let's klump his bed
by BIGNIBBA9/11 December 23, 2019
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