A “manager” or “district manager” or “owner” of juice bar. A Richy and/or Richard Kline is a person who is narcissistic, manipulative, lazy, dramatic, and a terrible compulsive liar. It is recommended to stay away from Richy Kline’s as you will be traumatized with the emotional rollercoaster this manager can put you through. A Richy Kline is the type of liar who cannot keep up with their lies, thus telling the same people different variations on the same story. A Richard Kline is a person who will lie about career accomplishments and ownerships of companies this person is not affiliated with.
“Was that a Richy Kline”

by Swaggybaby6969 June 29, 2022
A big dick gang banging demon that aint scared of nothing, and hes pretty gay when it comes to certain friends

Kline: chill bro get off me my girl watching!
by k i n g s t o n March 24, 2022
A pretty lit guy with lost of talent. Everyone has different views of him. While some people think he is a complete asshole, others feel that he is a saint. But inside, Brady is truly a quick extraordinary, amazing, and sexy guy overall, and he is a real poon slayer. He gets all the ladies and loves Lil Yachty and Harambe.
Brady Kline loves the quote, "You put a hole in my mans, I put a hole in your pants."
by Knack Warrior June 7, 2017
The act of defecating and mixing it with ice and cool whip in a blender until smooth and serving it up to friends and family.
Ya'll want a Kline frosty for desert, I swear it tastes just like a real frosty
by ThatWightNerd August 15, 2021