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High School Located in Spring, Texas, with a pretty bad drug problem. You cannot go down a hall without hearing the words Pot, Vyvance, Adderol, Tabs, Bars etc. Filled impressionable youths, scene kids, anime freaks, paper "gangsters", pot heads, Tools, And pretty much anything else you could think of besides people with common sense. In their spare time, the kids party, because there is literally nothing else to do. In the parking lot you will find an array of cars, from the most recent model of any awesome car to shitty '93 somethings to amazing refurbished old cars. The school has currently 6 different buildings along with plenty of temporary buildings. The school is so old that soon it will be torn down, while still in session, and everyone will have to go to classes in 100 different t-buildings in the student and teacher parking lot, preventing anyone from having the luxury of driving to school.
"Klein High School seriously has a drug problem. What's sad is that no one has even caught on yet."

"That kid is so messed up on drugs, he looks like he's from Klein High"

Guy 1: Why is that kid doing the Jerk across the street?
Guy 2: Dunno, I bet he's from Klein High.
by wadafuq July 25, 2010
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