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A little Muslim child who’s only purpose on this earth is so swear and be an annoying creature. He is a well ard skinny midget who will lamp you one if he is messed with. Most days he will make you ill from all the bullshit he comes out with. He is a little bit autistic, he will somethings try to touch you but that is just him being creepy. He has a very small pea head but if mentioned you will get bombed.
Kiyan Hussain pilkington

Normal guy- hey looks it’s that small autistic guy called Kiyan.

Other normal guy- oh yeah, let’s ignore him he is currently in the retard pen.


I like chicken tikka toasties with my iron brew. Lamp you one mate if u mess with my dad e-sig shop.
by Sally bigbottom February 12, 2018
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