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Name given to a beautiful female entertainer, by an original Kitty, who reigned in Tampa strip clubs with such sensuality and sex appeal she could only be labeled as a "Kitty". The spelling deriving from the boss like hood attitude of crossing T's and dotting eyes and no one ever asking why. A real down ass chic who holds her own and never backs down. Knows what she wants and gets it. Takes care of herself and others. Loyal if treated right but quick to walk away. Been known to break hearts but her intentions always good. Her looks can be intimidating to some but really sweet and funny unless provoked. She knows how to intice men with eyes yet woman fall victim to her persona as well. Shes about making her money and likes to play games and does it better than a man can. Been known to be a freak but loves with much passion. She holds her baby daddy (or daddys) closest to her heart but hates their drama and jealousy. Shes very sexy and loves to watch you watch her work but when she is at home with her kids she is modest and much softer spoken and only being referred to as Mom or Baby. She has been thru alot and is vunerable to fuckboys but it has also made her the strong woman she is. Hated by many. Loved by most. Confronted by none because there is no competition but other females try to be just like her. Announcing herself to those who dont know her and dare ask who she is, has been become the full definition for who and what she is.
*knock* knock* knock*
Them: "Who is it?"
Her: "It's Kitti, Bitch!
by MuleMe78 December 10, 2016
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