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When a woman does not wash her hands after using the bathroom.
Chenetha saw Judy walk out of the bathroom with kitten mittens.
by Chenetha C. November 09, 2018
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What kittens love to wear when it's cold. From the latin phrase kittano mittono.
Mr Boots the kittycat wears his kitten kittens when it's cold.
by l0rd_hex January 11, 2004
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when you get pissed off at a cat and make mittens out of it
bob:what are those mittens made out of
jon:bitch thease are kitten mittens everyone needs a pair
by mike gallo August 15, 2006
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A mitten in which women find arousing when place on the clitorial part of the sexual reproductive system.
Wow. What a mitten.
Fuck me with that kitten mitten
by max juan January 03, 2005
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when someone or a situation requires you to handle them if you were wearing "kitten mittens". Also their ignorance could scratch you or puncture your skin... so put your "kitten mittens on and handle with caution.
Be sure to use your "kitten mittens" when talking with Mckenzie about politics, she doesnt know the rest of us work for a living.
by purplething July 29, 2018
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