Is an upper preparation for a lower invasion, leading to further penetration with fast acceleration to build a new generation
Can I kiss you honey?
by Abdul. June 27, 2007
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The soft touch of anothers lips, in a perfect momment.
We looked into eachothers eyes and kissed.
by Alex July 03, 2005
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The nicest,sweetest, thing a guy can do without bein an asshole.
May i kiss you instead of tryin to get in your pants?
by ILOVEKISSES April 10, 2005
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when a man and a woman put their lips together and feel the most-wonderful bliss

Grandpa:"Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that rated the most passionate, the most pure... this one left them all behind."
by Jake March 20, 2004
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n. contact between the lips of one person and...pretty much anything else. Used as a sign of affection, as greeting (not so much here in America, more in Europe--this kind of kissing may or may not involve actual contact), or as an expression of sexual interest/passion/as foreplay.

v. to do the above.

n. KISS was a 70's four-man American band that sprang from the Metal movement; they delighted in the burlesque and are as well known for their heavily made-up stage personalities as they are for their music. Made an AWFUL movie involving capes and bad dialogue, but nonetheless have a cult following.
1)Mooom, you didn't give me my goodnight kiss!
1)Leah I haven't seen you in ages! *they exchange peck-like kisses on each others' cheeks*
1)*passionate liplock *fadeout**
2)My friend Jeremy is crazy about KISS--he has all their albums, and even their action figure collectibles!
by down_2_earth_angel March 21, 2007
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The overture to more exciting lascivious behavior.
Often I've wondered what it would be like to kiss you.
What would your lips taste like?
Could they possibly be as sweat as your disposition?
Could they ever be as warm as your heart?
Would your kisses be short and precious, like the moments we share?
Or would they passionately linger through time, like how my love lingers for you?
Oh how I've wondered!
Oh how I've yearned!
To just once hug your lips with my own.
by nethcev! April 28, 2004
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