Kunt (Cunt) In Shitty Armor. This refers to people doing shitty or bad things but hiding in armor away from harm.
A lot of these cops are acting like KISAs right now.
by eboybboy May 31, 2020
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little girl who pretends to be innocent but not. is sometimes crazy and lacks artistic skill. probably loves some vegetable. and supports a looser sports team
cant believe she is doing him. i thought she was innocent, such a kisa..!!
by urban freak November 05, 2008
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an awesome sexy chickalita who is soo awesome there arent words to describe her. She is a great cheerleader too.
by Your Brick April 30, 2010
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The most awesome place on earth. Kisa is a small town located in the south of Sweden. Here we have lots of volvos and lots of sladdspår.
I just went to Kisa and had a double cheese at Frendo.
by TheCoolCarGuy January 05, 2017
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Witch , doreamon
Kisa is a bed gurrl
by Haramibilla September 07, 2020
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