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Kirstie Alley Syndrome is when you’re unable to get out of a fast food parking lot without going back in for seconds or even thirds.

The act of gorging yourself on junk food silly!

When you drive up to the drive-thru window and they already have your order waiting.

When the drive-thru attendant directs you to the slops in the waste bins.

To gorge, binge, to pig, to stuff, to overeat, to ho in or to eat in an offensively gross manner that would have third world countries salivating in horror!

To drive erratically from one fast food outlet to the next
“Did you just see that?” “What” “I saw Angelika going through the Macces bin!” “Fuck!” “She must have ‘Kirstie Alley Syndrome’ bad man!”

"Angelika is doing a Kirstie Alley on us!" "We have to help her get out of the fast food parking lot before she explodes like that little bitch in Wonka!!!"
by The Moody Poet August 29, 2006
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