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1. Boys name

2. A Kipley is a guy who enjoys being who he is. He is the loving loving romantic every girl wants, no matter what happens a girl will always like him even if he's mean to her. A Kipley cannot sit still for more than 20 minutes. He enjoys to have the feeling of being loved and being in love. He most likely has goals in his life that he will work hard to succeed at. He is a family man, wanting around 3 or 4 children. A Kipley is an animal lover, when he sees an animal in pain he will most likely try to help it and can stand to watch a defenseless animal be killed. He is strong, mostly in the legs, he works his legs out continuously in sports, bike riding and more. Great sense of humor, a Kipley knows how to take a joke an even laughs when people are making fun of him. He does not judge a book by its cover, he reads it first.
1. What a great guy, must be a Kipley.
by AndIDefine April 06, 2012
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