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Supposed community website for Kingwood, TX. Most commonly used by overweight housewives to argue with each other over pointless topics, though there are some people who are respectful and post useful information. Forget about a civil discussion about anything. Almost every other topic results in a flame war between two individuals who would rather argue with someone they don't even know then do something productive.

Y'all need to grow up.
Worst Uses of Kingwood Underground....

Sherry had housework to do but instead she spent her whole day arguing with someone on Kingwood Underground. At the end of day she realized how pointless this was but the next day she did it again. See SSDD

Bob spent his whole day posting conspiracy theories copied from CNN and Yahoo! on Kingwood Underground instead of playing with his kids.

Jim starts 15 threads a day with bad jokes and stupid pictures.

Mandy read my definition on Urban Dictionary and is deeply offended. She then posts it on Kingwood Underground and says that I in fact have no life for posting this and I am a troll. Everyone agrees with her in order to make themselves feel better about their bad habit.

Best Uses of Kingwood Underground....

Janice had some useful information to post about construction work on Northpark. She posted the information on Kingwood Underground and it saved people time on their commute.

John posted a prayer thread for his brother who was battling cancer. The over whelming showing of support helped John get through the difficult time.

Kate needed help with her iPod. Luckily there were plenty of people on Kingwood Underground to help her.
by 186305 July 13, 2009
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