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Someone who doesn't have shit all over them.
From Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
First person: "Who's that?"
Second person: "Must be a King."
First person: "Why?"
Second person: "He doesn't have shit all over him."
by Morrissey Man March 10, 2005
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A drinking game using all 52 cards in a deck, drawn one at a time. Rules vary from place to place, with each card meaning a different activity must be done, but the game has one common feature all over the world: the kings cup. This cup is placed in the middle of the table, with the cards around it. Whenever a king is drawn, the person who draws it must pour some of his/her drink in the kings cup. The unlucky bastard who draws the fourth and final king in the deck must chug whatever is in this cup. Can often be some nasty, ungodly concoction if people are playing with different drinks.
I almost shit myself when I saw the dreaded fourth king and realized I'd have to drink that disgusting mix of Irish Stout, Smirnoff Ice, and white russian.
by Nick D July 19, 2004
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A term used by wifey to her man letting him know he is the only one for her, her rock, her ruler, the owner of her heart mind and body. Wifey will always respect her King, and treat him the way a king should be treated.
when king gets home from work wifey will meet him at the door butt naked with his dinner made and ready then a nice long massage to relax him ;)
by Pook aka wifey May 28, 2012
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Kings is known as the best drinking game ever, perhaps 2nd only to Beirut. It is a game played with all 52 cards in a deck lying facedown around a central "Kings cup". Whenever a King is drawn, the person who draws it must pour a portion of their drink into the cup. The unlucky bastard that draws the 4th King in the deck must drink the cup, hence the name of the game. Cards are drawn one at a time and each card picked has a corresponding activity.

It is very popular at colleges and universities around the world, particularly at the University of Rhode Island. At URI, we all play a little differently, which is part of the fun, but since we are all at URI a lot of these rules are university-wide.

On August 7, 2006 the global group "OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND KINGS RULES!" was created on finally declaring to the rest of the world the fine version of Kings that URI students have enjoyed for so long.

Here is the rough draft of the official University of Rhode Island Kings rules. You don't have to play by the "official" rules obviously, just use them and the other possibilities to create your own game:

A - Pick one of these for the entire game: Social (Everyone drinks. This is better if you don't have a ton of alcohol.) OR Waterfall (Great when you have plenty of alcohol. Stand up and when you start drinking, everybody starts drinking. When you are done the person to your left can stop drinking whenever they want, and when that person stops then the person to their left can stop drinking whenever they want. It goes full circle, basically the last person is screwed.)
2 - For you (Pick someone to drink twice.)
3 - For me (You drink 3 times.)
4 - Categories (Condom brands, sex positions, cars, movies, music, sports teams, etc.)
5 - Coin Flip (Flip a coin. If it lands on heads you remove 1 article of clothing. If it lands on tails you pick someone else to remove one article of their clothing. Choose the rules before hand, such as whether shoes count as clothing.)
6 - Chicks (All girls drink. "But what if there are no girls playing?" you ask? Then give up at life. Go play Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft, nerd.)
7 - Heaven (Last person to point to the ceiling drinks.)
8 - Never have I ever... (Other people drink if they've done it.)
9 - Bust-a-Rhyme (Make up a sentence and the next person has to have the last word rhyme. The person who messes up drinks.)
10 - Men (All guys drink.)
J - Spin the bottle (It was fun in elementary school, it is fun now.)
Q - Truth-or-dare (See above. Choose the rules before hand, such as who asks. Maybe the person to your left or right.)
K - Pour a portion of your drink in center cup (Name of the game- Person to pick the 4th King drinks it.)

8 other Kings possibilities-
-Questions (Keep asking questions around in a circle until someone messes up, loser drinks.)
-Thumb wrestle (Loser drinks.)
-Blinking contest (Loser drinks.)
-8:Make-a-date/Pick-a-mate (Pick someone to drink with.)
-4:To the floor (Last person to touch floor drinks.)
-Nose touch (Last person to touch their nose drinks.)
-Thumb Master (Only if you are playing at a table: Every time this person puts his thumb on the table everyone else has to, last person to do this drinks.)
-Make-a-rule (You get to make a drinking rule, such as no-cussing, and whoever breaks the rule drinks.)
On another note, it's common to see 5 - Guys. But "five" and "guy" don't rhyme, while "ten" and "men" do. Do whatever you want.
"Dude, URI's Kings rules are so much better than how we play it at our lame ass college."
by RynoURI August 07, 2006
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Playing Kings is the best way to get really drunk.
A large bowl - The King Cup - is placed in the centre of the table. All 52 cards in a circle around it. Get your friends round the table. Take turns picking one card at a time. Each card means something.

A - Waterfall. Person who pulled the card drinks. Everyone else must kept drinking until the person before them stops. Basically, if you're last, you're fucked.
2 - You. Pick someone to drink.
3 - Me. Drink
4 - Whore's. Ladies drink.
5 - Nose. Everyone puts their finger on their nose, last one to do so, drinks.
6 - Dicks. Got a penis? Drink.
7 - Deal 7. The person who pulled the card can: a) pick x7 people to take a drink. B) Make one person drink x7.
8 - Mate. Drink with a Mate.
9 - Rhyme. The person with the card says a word. It goes round the table until someone messes up or repeats. Decide beforehand if the words 'Silver' and 'Orange' are accepted.
10 - Drink Again. Take a drink. Then one more.

Jack - Make a rule. If the rule is broken, the person must drink. Example - Nobody drinks with their right hand.
Queen - Question. The person who pulled the card picks someone. Asks them a question. The person asked must answer with another question, and so on, until someone makes a statement.
King - When a King is pulled, everyone pours a little of their drink into 'The King Cup'. The last King drinks the whole thing. Especially disgusting depending on what everyone has been drinking.
Person 1: I got sloshed playing Kings last night.
Person 2: You pulled the last King?
Person 1: Yeah... it was Strongbow, Bud, Vodka, Peach Shnapps, Malibu, dark Rum, and Red Wine.
Person 2: And you're still alive?
by Queen of Kings February 20, 2013
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A ruler of a country a Malesor.
Bitch1:Aint that the king?
Bitch2: No you gotta be a Malesor to become a king.
Bitch1: Oh aint that some shit.
by Bugaloo November 17, 2006
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