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Kincoppal girls are the coolest people you Will ever know. Even though they are obsessed with boys and food, everyone loves em anyway. If you have the chance to get with one, use it. Even though majority of the people are amazingly beautiful, there are a few weird ones, but don’t worry there are only a few of them in each year.

Don’t judge their year seven selves though because they will get knocked into shape by the older years.

Even though the school is obsessed with Jesus, they are not. They are the life of the party and are the most likely to bring the grog.

Usually gets with scots, Riverview, cranbrook or kings
Person 1: “woah, she is stunning!”
Person 2: “probably one of the Kincoppal girls”
by Yewwww yewww yewwww October 03, 2019
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