Internet leech, nude sender. Begs for good youtube accounts.
U such a kimmy ong lmaooo
by IkoFrags May 6, 2021
Synonymous with an old, old leather boot from the confederation era
This old boot I just dug out of the ground looks like Kimmie Morrell
by JorgeRules June 30, 2017
1. to have sex with multiple partners while still in a relationship.

2. an older woman to get intoxicated and have sex with significantly younger men.

3. premeditated rape
1. Did she Pull A Kimmie last night with that 21-yr old?

2. Look at that guy, I am going to fuck him by the end of the night.
by Zelski September 6, 2010
Kimmy the crackhead is who you’ll call your grandma , you know the one that gives you crack
“You visit kimmy the crackhead grandma yet I head she got a new stack in!!
by LookAtAllDemChIckens June 23, 2019
she is an amazing person. that well always cheer you up,and you can not stay mad at her at all. SHE IS NOT A BASIC WHITE GIRL
person_I AM MAD AT YOU

kimmie_haha you can’t be mad.

person_haha i am not anymore
by sup bros April 14, 2019
To magically injure oneself fairly badly, when it shouldn’t have been possible. As if you are an accident magnet.
I pulled a Kimmie. I cut myself holding a book. I concussed myself with my freezer door. I triped up stairs and sprained my knee.
by IknowKim June 7, 2021