a very nice loving person who is very mental and loves a fictional character named chole price. She also cried at newts death in maze runner.
“kimmy wimmy cmere!”
by neauyy November 7, 2021
When you have diarrhea a lot, Like way more than the normal person could have it.
Thanks to that Mickey-D yesterday, I had Kimmy-K all day long
by extRemy October 24, 2022
she is an amazing person. that well always cheer you up,and you can not stay mad at her at all. SHE IS NOT A BASIC WHITE GIRL
person_I AM MAD AT YOU

kimmie_haha you can’t be mad.

person_haha i am not anymore
by sup bros April 14, 2019
To magically injure oneself fairly badly, when it shouldn’t have been possible. As if you are an accident magnet.
I pulled a Kimmie. I cut myself holding a book. I concussed myself with my freezer door. I triped up stairs and sprained my knee.
by IknowKim June 7, 2021
When one person puts a cream egg into their anus letting it melt. They then proceed to fart out the cream egg while their partner eats the melted egg remains. A creamy Kimmi. Named after the inventer and Tik Tok star Kimmi Kaiy.
"What did you get up to last night?"

"My girlfriend gave me a creamy Kimmi"
by Kimmi Kaiy February 10, 2023
Kimmy is I
by Yyy7d March 15, 2021