kimberly is an incredibly fun girl who can always find the best in a bad situation! she is a person who is crazy, lovable and is the person you know ALWAYS has beer to share !! she is an amazing and reliable friend that no one ever wants to lose ! she can be a hoe at times but deep down everyone loves her
girl: omg kimberly is so much fun! you should totally meet her !

guy: yea kimberly is so cool
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by logic_youngsinatra November 26, 2017
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Kimberly is that girl that once she fucks with you, she's all about you and no one else. Kimberly will always be there for you and be solid for you throughout anything you guys are going through. Many people underestimate Kimberly, but she's actually a really nice person. She'll always bring a smile to the room and she knows how to make you smile. She's that girl that can't let go of that guy, the same guy that has fucked her over many many times. She's that girl that will be the best thing to ever happen to you. One of the best friends ever, and will never switch up on you. Yeah, she's a bit complicated, yeah she's sensitive, yeah she has a sassy attitude, yeah, that'e her. She's that girl you see walking the streets that's to die for. Don't take advantage of this chick, she'll rock your shit and fuck you up(: Kimberly knows more information than you think she does, so if she asks about something, just be damn honest, she knows the whole story. Also, she's a crazy ass latina so beware. Moral of the story, Kimberly is a solid ass friend and is committed and real to the bone.
person 1: who's that?

person 2: the hot cheeto girl? that's kimberly!

person 3: hot ass latina omm
by adelani0727 March 02, 2020
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Has long black hair She’s freakin adorable but doesn’t see. She’s so funny. Just the thought of her will brighten your day or even a little glance of her will put a smile on your face. She cute and short but will take you down in a fight. She has no problem voicing her opinions. However she is shy, like very shy. But she’s so worth it that you just get used to it. She’s not the best with expressing her feelings but you know what she’s feelings. If you don’t have a Kimberly in your life you should go and find one and never let them go.
Joey:Kimberly is freaking adorable

Grace: I know I know
by spicygeek June 11, 2019
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The Best Girl You can Ever come across. She is Amazing, Kind, beautiful and thoughtful. She considers everyone's feelings and she helps friends and family through tough time. If you're dating a kimberly, be the best man you can be. show her how much you love her and treat her with fairness. if you are as lucky enough to find one, then you are truly blessed.
I'm glad i found a Kimberly, I feel like I won a billion bucks!
by YourManNex August 05, 2018
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The most beautiful woman that walks this earth today she is passionate friendly cute and talented
by Cashman2 May 07, 2018
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A fancy German-word for 'weed'. Very international for it is commonly used in downtown Maryland or Indonesia.
"Yo dawg, you got some Kimberly?"
"Where's my Kimberly you bitch?"
by Cryingivy August 19, 2006
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