This is reserved strictly for females.

Used to express wonderment, amazement, desire and a thank-you to God when made in referrence to a woman. There is no perfect scale, set of rules or guidelines for a killer body. This term's credibility depends upon the credibility of the man using it.
"Oh fuck, she's got a killer body, FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP!!!"
by TittayMastar June 5, 2003
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There are two requirements to have a killer body. First, you must be attractive such that the vast majority of normal people would agree you are attractive. Second, you must on account of physical conditioning, strength, stamina, VO2 max, and flexibility look like you are capable of beating to death, using only your body as a weapon, the vast majority of other people who are in your sex and age group and who are close in height.
My pilates teacher has a killer body, so I would not dare fight her, ever!

Amanda has a killer body; I'm not saying she killed her roommate, but she could have, quite easily.

The field hockey girls at my school all have killer bodies, and i'm scare of them!
by alixDDD July 31, 2021
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Large breasts large ass and thighs and allso perfect amounts of fat in the rest of the body
Oh god Linn has got a killer body
by Pudgygirllover December 11, 2019
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