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Killa Fonic,also knowed as Ionut Raducanu,was born in 14 February 1989,in Romania,Ploiesti.He is 29 years old. He's a trapper,but also a member in the rap/trap romanian band,Satra B.E.N.Z.
Ionuţ Răducanu is an artist who became known in the Romanian music industry in the beginning by collaborating with Lu-K Beats. He debuted at the Seek Music label with the song "Sparg Casele" in collaboration with Super ED and NOSFE, then became a member of the Satra B.E.N.Z (Lu-K Beats, Super ED, Nosfe, Keed and Killa Fonic) ("O Satra,O Dragoste") appeared in autumn 2015. Killa Fonic's first mixtape is Ramses 1989, which appeared in May of the year 2016, and then to release several tracks, one of them being "Scrum" in collaboration with Conncect-R, with great success. During this time, he worked on the second album "O.$.O.D 2'', released on March 1, 2017 and at the same time working on his first album "Lama Crima", which appeared on July 27, 2017.
He's Killa Fonic,one of the members from Satra B.E.N.Z
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