A really outgoing friend always laughing and her laugh is contagious. She really wants to have trendy things but she is too shy to ask. Always looking out for a friend in need. Loves animals and has a really cheeky smile. She seems really shy at the start but has a huge personality she loves you as long as you love her!
Omg Kiki stop making me laugh
by Patternthing October 29, 2019
Sexy curvy woman with good personlity that loves to laugh and fun with friends and family. Short and beautiful loves to read anything that's her interest. Loves to date handsome older sexy guys. Wear cute clothes that fit her hairstyle. Very classy, loyalty, faithful, sweet, confident and very smart. She listen well and have good knowledge.
Kiki is so cool just my type of girl. She the one in been looking for all my life!!!!
by Abraham November 22, 2016
A girl who is repeatedly approached by guys for sex. She turn down all of them.
Men: Kiki, do you love me?
Kiki: No, fuck off

Men: Fine, I only love my bed and my momma anyways.
by juju69 August 11, 2018
A women or girl who carries herself very well. She is an inspiration to others. She is alluring in character. She is a synonym for beauty, although It's difficult for her to see this. Most intriguing person you'll ever meet.
Scissor Sisters: "Kiki? oh, she's marvelous!!"
by You're my secret. December 23, 2014
The strongest person you’ll ever meet! You can’t help but admire them for their confidence, brutal honesty, humor and legit advice. They deserve everything good this world has to offer while also putting so much in the world and in the life of others as well.

They’re pretty persistent, stubborn and will never sugarcoat. But, at the end of the day, that just makes you love them even more. Short-tempered, ambitious, competitive, strong-willed, goal chaser and a pretty awesome artist.

Very talented musician and a huge scope for the imagination. They’re not one to put themselves into drama, they simple don’t care and have better things to do. They do love a good story coming from others though. Mostly to laugh at their stupidity.

They really deserve to be appreciated, loved and cared for. Even though they hate sappy stuff, i know they appreciate it deep down. And should try to accept that rather than dealing with everything on their own. They’re pretty strong as it is, but letting people in just makes a person even more the fearless and supported.

They’re one of the coolest people i’ve ever met! Endless teasing will come from them but you’ll learn to get used to it and ultimately tease them back. It’s easy loving them and the little things from them really make all the difference.

Careful not to boost their ego cause that thing is already overflowing. Though, i think this whole paragraph did the exact opposite. Do i regret it? Nope.
Eva: Yo, i heard someone beat a bitch up for talking shit about us.

Theo: Fr? 100$ it was Kiki.
Eva: Guess i owe you 100$.
by a supposed nerd September 10, 2021
Kiki means “Horny” if you are kiki let your significant other know 😉
The boy is very kiki
by Luvlooknookie December 7, 2021
Kiki is veryyyyy pretty🥺💕, you can rely on her to do anything and she don’t like to tell lies plus she have the fattest pussy , she is smart , intelligent, beautiful, slim , sexy and can dance If you date a Kiki your life would change .❤️💍
Boy 1 :I want a perfect wife
Boy 2 : look for a Kiki 🥺💕
by Baddie💕💍💍 November 30, 2021