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WOOF. Classy? NOPE. Kifanies tends to still to the long told ghetto story. Only words in their vocabulary tend to be, bitch, hate, cunt, oh hell nah, I got you, and can I have the rest of those fries.

You are told you don’t want to mess with a Kifanie but in reality they just love to talk talk talk.

Very untrustworthy and hypocritical.

Yells and throws fits all the time whether children or family is present.

Kifanies always make sure their social media looks great. Totally opposite of their messy messy lives they have made for themselves. Typically have up to 5 mugshots.
Omg you are pulling a Kraft Kif moment.

That girl was such a bitch I am going to call everyone I know to kick her ass. (Other person) ok ghetto ass bitch.

Hey want to be friends so we can do everything together and then I will call everyone and talk so much shit about you? -Kifanie

Omg I am such an amazing mother and cook and my life’s perfect. ( ok Facebook Kif) -social media whore
by Sofreakingfunny February 05, 2018
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