One of the best people you will ever meet. Sometimes might seem a little stand-off-ish but completely kind once you get to know him. He’s always ready to listen and lend a hand in support. He enjoys joking plenty sometimes even a little too much but he’ll make you laugh till you piss yourself. He also doesn’t see how bright he shines and how much people do admire him for his strength. Also tend to have small hands but big brain.
Kieran almost made me shit myself the other day I couldn’t stop laughing kaksksksks
by Snakebehaviour November 05, 2020
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Kieran is a tall girl who is a crazy weirdo when you know her. She is fun and very intelligent in subjects like geography and math. Be like Kieran!
Ay Kieran stop bullying Mitchell with orange peels
by TheRealDr.Phil March 20, 2019
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when a small inconvenience occurs Kieran is childish and doesn't know how to handle the problem. Therefor he runs away from his minor inconveniences
by xoxo your bitch March 31, 2020
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A girl you never wanna lose. Keep her by your side because she is the best you will ever get. she has all of the boys and girls drooling over her when they see her. She is a great friend to have.
People: "That girl is so pretty whats her name"
Girl: "She looks like a Kieran!"
by 1001001980 July 03, 2019
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omg look at him he's so sus. he's def a kieran (eye roll)
via giphy
by bae is bae October 14, 2020
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