A cool kid who is a dork but cool at the same time. He most likely plays numerous instruments including the bass. He is probably irish and VERY WHITE.
-Hey, it's Kieran
-He's a dork
by asdfghJake February 09, 2009
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A person of epic proportions.
They feel sad some times but will always try to tend to other peoples' needs.
A Kieran can be funny, smart and the coolest d00d around.
Damn. That person is really funny and cool, I wonder if they are a Kieran.

They seem like a Kieran.
by BoopySpoopyDoopy July 02, 2016
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The scientific name for a cave troll that sits on the computer all day.
Dude that guy has not left his house for days!
Yeah I know hes a kieran
by Derrick Dogstroodel March 31, 2009
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Square headed turnip face man. Has a best friend called Ryan and they like touch each others fuzzy little man peaches. Likes to tell people "to get a grip". On weekends he pulls up weeds in his garden which he designed himself with Liam. Listens to music.. for example Amy Winehouse and Nelly Furtado!! Fancies cave trolls. Came out of his closet because he fancied Ryan. They now live happily ever after in the furry man peached cave. Lots of Love from Jade and Kirstin. GRAPH COM!!! ;D btw ryan dumped you. <3
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The worst kind of person. A backstabbing lowlife. An opportunistic bastard. A smarmy stinksack. An arrogant asshole. The bottom turd in a turd-pile.
Gosh, I thought Michael was nice, but it turns out that he's a real Kieran.
by tim345678945678998765 December 17, 2013
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a "man" who wishes that he was like a Paul. Tries to in every respect, but fails. A total douche, except when he manages to be slightly like a Paul, then he seems like a normal person.... kinda. Also quite insecure, but covers this up with the pretence of a massive ego.
Guy one: That guy is a douche!
Guy two: Give him a break, his name is Kieran.
by Uknowitstrue ;) February 24, 2010
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