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A high pitched alien chihuahua sounding turtle speed running giraffe looking self who doesn’t comprehend the algorithm of a toothpick and instead uses it to fight hamster midgets in the middle of a grocery store while singing let it go on the top of its toungue. No one knows whether to call it a boy or a witch, but either way will shove gummy bears up it’s ass in front of you for only 1 dollar an hour. a really extraordinary thing. They are very rare so don’t forget to snap a picture of it trying to lick its butthole and use the hashtag “omgthisthingmightbedeadlorwhateverthepenisinhermouth” and get a coupon for little ceasers. Be careful though, they could be deadly. You might think they look to stupid to be dangerous but that eye roll will get you. Be careful out there folks.
Oh no I spoted a Kieararaa the Onion. Better snap it and leave.
by Godsballsareinmyhands October 05, 2019
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