Not sleeping for a long period of time, depending on coffee or energy drinks.
I had my biology project to finish, so I was pulling kiddo to do so.
by Modified Kiddo December 04, 2017
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A German person that usually tries to help by saying over there and at the end of every game if they loose , also usually a person that uses the sentence "u mom gay" and occasionally expresses his suicidal thoughts
by Dawid_9901 June 16, 2018
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A lengthened form of ‘kid’, sometimes used as a form of teasing to teenagers, or a supposedly cool 80s way of talking to kids.
“Hey, kiddo,” yelled DJ Rock over the blasting music with his arm hanging over the side of the ute door. “Where your daddy-o at?”
by None But Me August 29, 2021
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A auto correct spelling error for "kidding" often made by a one Katelyn S.
I was just kiddo flop
by Duckpuckluck October 22, 2017
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hes the kinda guy that will go around drinking pepsi and calling it bepis and hes often a real edge lord that listens to 2014 dubstep
person 1: can i have some pepsi
kool kiddo IT'S CALLED BEPIS
by deadmemes4deadpeople November 14, 2017
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