1.Uma Thurmans character in Kill Bill Aka "the bride"

Most people don't understand the signifigance of the line "silly rabbit, trix are for kids" but is acctually a foreshadowing of her name.

2.Someone hunting for revenge.
1. Beatrix Kiddo is the character uma thurman plays in kill bill.

2. Yeah she went all Beatrix kiddo on his ass.
by Atlec January 27, 2006
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A Coalition based upon justice for those who have none but deserve it from counter-racism, strict conservative moral systems and the creators of the Ingtonlish or Kiddoton dialect.
I was amazed at the power of The Kiddo Koaltion.
by Head Ington May 03, 2010
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Marrying or dating a man/woman who already has many kids.
I sure don't know why he's dating her...who'd wanna marry into all those Insta-Kiddos??
by Cratered MoonUnit January 20, 2011
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A person who wants to have sex with Rachel Kielb. Loves nintedo games.
My friend James Kiddo likes to go camping with the boys.
by priceman90 February 16, 2005
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The Admiral of The Kiddo Koalition. One of three leaders joined by Vice Admiral Bobert and Rear Admiral Smash. Informally known by Cap'N Kiddo when appropriate to address as such.
Captain K. Kiddo is the superior in charge.
by Head Ington May 03, 2010
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When someone says hey kiddo it generally is an insalt because they mean it like they are so much more mature than you are ven if they are younger than you. And okie dokie means okay slow down so in a sense this sentence is very mean and you should never call someone a kiddo or say okie dokie to them. It makes them pissed st you. If your girlfriend ever says okie dokie kiddo than you have to leave her casue she is trying to insult you.
"Yo what did she say to you?" "Nothing except okie dokie kiddo and then she went home laughing ."
by UGH A GUY January 15, 2018
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When someone says something that's wrong in your opinion so you shape your hands into pistols and click your fingers with comment of "that's where your wrong kiddo"
Theo: You can't watch ten episodes in one night

*shapes fingers into pistols*
Freya: that's where your wrong kiddo
by Faggot@kys.com November 27, 2016
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