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Any meal prepared for an adult that would primarily be consumed by children under the age of 10. The term is often related to the food choices made by college students in the dining hall.
Doc: What did you get to eat?

Miller: Corn dogs and mac and cheese. You?

Doc: Grilled cheese and french fries.

Fitz: Did y'all get a toy with those kid's meals?
by Millarsovich May 01, 2009
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any hot girl who is not legally fuckable but you know you want to anyway.
usually range from the ages of 16-18 or any girl still in High School. Kidsmeals know they are hot and they know guys over 18 want to do them...which makes them so much hotter.
by Y2J January 19, 2004
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The act of swallowing a load of ejaculate. Instead of becoming future children, the semen makes for a nice, protein-rich meal for whoever is on the receiving end!
Tom: "Did you get some from that chick last night?"
Steve: "Hell yea, she said she was hungry so I got her to suck me off and I rewarded her with a Kid's Meal!!"
by HamilStein August 05, 2010
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To punch a cop in the face and take his gun.
Man, that cop better step off, because I'm about ten seconds away from giving him a kid's meal.
by kenrandall December 02, 2004
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