Two stupid children who think there dating. They call each other lovey names and say "I love you" or " wanna go out." They think they like each other and they think they have love. Really it means there crushing on air!
There just going throught a stage called "kid love."
by Not_your_mom_ February 22, 2015
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Made by Matt and Pat of the Machinima series "Two best friends play."
Used to poke fun at over used mechanics in video games and other media.
Such as the mass amounts of call of Call of Duty clones or how games are too easy
"Another Call of Duty clone? THE KIDS WILL LOVE IT!!"
"Why is this horror flick so damn generic? Oh! Because the kids will love it!"
by jack frost nixon May 26, 2012
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a love that is unimaginable loving someone more then a fat kid loves cake is a love like no other
"i love you more then a fat kid loves cake"

"oh my god i love you to baby"
by tw1nky696 January 12, 2010
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it describes how much you love someone.
it may just be a saying but fat kids love their cake A LOT so it means a lot when you say you love them more..
"johnathan... i love you more than a fat kid loves cake. baby i could love you forever and i mean that!!!"
by jana-banana January 12, 2009
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The version of tough love where the parent (typically) has to tippy-toe the tough love, rather than do smash-their-car- level tough love.

Variants: tippy-toe tough love Antonym: smash-their-car-level tough love
Child: Pick my hanger up
Parent: No
Child (still in bed at midday): But you knocked it down
Parent: Its for your own good. GET OUT OF BED AND PICK THE *** THING UP YOURSELF
Child: !
Parent: Kid gloves tough love, sweetie, kid gloves tough love
by gmaroz May 21, 2021
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