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Kiaras are usualy really chill people. They are the coolest people once you get to know them. Although, they put this wall up to new people they are some of the nicest people in the world. They know how to crack the perfect jokes at just the right time. They can make you laugh no matter what, when your sad you can count on them to cheer you up, and make you laugh. Kiaras give some of the best advise, so whenever you need help you can look to them. Even though they are sweet hearted people, they really dont care about much. they let life throw whatever it wants at them without breaking a sweat. Always looking for fun, Kiaras tend to get into trouble for taking chances at trying new things that they probly shouldnt attempt. With no fears of getting into a fight, they stand up for what they belive in. They wont let anybody get under their skin easily, and deffinatly wont let people boss them around or use them in anyway. Plus, Kiaras tend to be verry pretty, and have a nice body due to being very athletic.
Emily-You know that girl kiara? She seems like a really mean person
Jenna- Shes really not, once you get to know her shes really funny and a good friend.
by MTVfreak(: January 08, 2011
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Beautiful girl, always nice and funny and will always cheer you up when you have sad
Also a great person to be around, just someone you HAVE to love.
Kiara cheered me up when I had sad
I love Kiara
by iloveyourly August 27, 2008
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A beautiful young lady. A girl who everyone loves to be around. She makes many friends although sometimes doesn't recognize a false one. Although she appears to have a hard personality, she is very emotionally fragile. Always wearing her heart on her sleeve, she tends to fall in love to easily resulting in getting her heart broken. A real friend who will be your side but don't cross her. She will forgive you but it will never be the same.
by goldenheart February 14, 2010
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Kiara is everything you can want in a friend, bestfriend, and girlfriend. She is caring, loving, sweet, Shy at first, Funny at times, athletic, and amazingg in every way. But one of the many great things about her is her Smile a smile that will make you smile and will always remeber it. She gets along with people and never been in a fight but won't back down if it's ever time too handle her business at any time. She loves kids and kids loves her and she loves all the animals of the world and wants too save them all no matter what it takes. She can be stubborn and bitch at times but either Way you qotta love her. She has a somewhat dark past but her smartness, and Stronq willed ambition to achieve Her life goals makes it curtain that she will have a briqhter future too come. She loves Corn and Spaghetti But no meat cause she a vegetarian and Icecream. Kiara is just Beautiful in ever way and she be told it everyday no matter what. In other words Kiara is just Perfect. Meet her you will know I promise.
''Dude who is that girl her smile is Beautiful'' ''oh man that's Kiara she is amazinqq you would love her''

''omg That girl is sooooooooo pretty'' ''Yea man that's Kiara she is anythinq you want in a qirl and more''
by Mr.amazinqq(: <3 September 28, 2011
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Kiara is a stunning young lady. With gorgeous eyes and a beautiful, contagious smile, she never fails to catch the eyes of every guy she walks by. Weird at times, she has a soft heart, and brightens up every room she walks into. When complimented, she gets embarrassed and blushes, but that just makes her even more adorable. She's not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. She's one of those rare, genuine girls that you never find, and when you do, you feel completely drawn to her and everything about her.
Kiara is so beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have her.
by Fantasta-Guy July 09, 2011
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kiara means to be intelligent,sexy,honest,and real always handles her business and doesnt like to be in girl drama but likes to listen to it always likes to be around boys and is a flirt and doesnt like when people is in her face people like to be around her and and enjoy being with her but doesnt want to be around her when she blows eighter but everyone who gets to know her loves her even if they dont like her
kiara's intelligent,sexy,honest,and real she loves guys and theyy love even the girls that are around her even if they dont like her they always love just like evrybody else
by kiara 108 :) May 28, 2010
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Worlds Finest Chocolate, Caramel Goddess, Dipset Princess, light skinned beautiful person
by Urban Dictionary May 09, 2005
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