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*Kiah comes from the language of Swahili, and means Seasons beginning
The most amazing girl you could ever know! Not only is she beauty but has a brillant mind. She is really kick-ass and crazy sometimes. This girl is Beutilful beyond compare, she has an amazing body and curves. A Kiah is beutilful and and great person period! If you ever get the chance to meet a Kiah treat her respect and she will love you.
Did you see that Kiah over there?
Yeah that was a rare sight to see!
by lizzy beth February 07, 2015
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Kiah is a funny girl, who is uniquely funny and has good humour. She has a smoking body with curves and a ghetto booty. every guy digs her and wants to date her!!! she is a cute lover and once shes inlove she will do anything for them!!
Guy 1- Oh damnnn!! did you just she kiah?

Guy 2- yes i did, luckyly shes inlove with me!
by moouse123456 October 16, 2011
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Pronounced K-Eye-Yah rather than Key-Ahh

A first name, means "rising sun" in some African laungage im not particualrly sure of.

Also spelt "Kaya" to mean marajuana, made famous by the ledgandary Bob Marley

Kiahs are usually preety kick ass, although unpredictable at times.
Example 1:

Kid: Hey Kiah, Your so Flyyyy

Kiah: I know huh?

Example 2:

Ive got have kaya now, cuz the rain is falling
by Kiah Von Krunk July 17, 2008
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She is very smart and quiet unless she meets someone then is loud and funny. She had a great figure although she preferres to go on her phone instead of sports.
Wow I have never seen Kiah like that before she is so cool.
I know she is perfect
by Lollyxo19 September 03, 2016
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Young girl who travels to someones house, to drink their liqour and screw closest guy. Then later lying and said they were taken advantage of.
"Scott got soo kiahed that party."
by billyjeanjoeisahoe November 05, 2007
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Always In secret about her love life. Loves Chicken. Black Independent and gorgeous, Everyone loves her, Good Kisser and will never let you down In bed (:
I wish i had Kiah to lay with me

I love you Kiah
by Crineee March 04, 2017
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Kiah is a fake ho who only cares ab herself and how she's going to get what she wants. She'll steal your boyfriend without a second thought. she's v fake too. She'll be nice to you until you slip up then shell ruin your life. Did I mention she's a snake?👀
victim: hey kiah!
Kiah: hey pookie! Looking good
5 mins later

Friend: did you see y/n today?

Kiah:omg yes! She looked soooooooo bad today oml what a joke
by not a fake ho:) November 06, 2017
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