Arabic for "shit"
Variations: 5ara, 5ra

Almost always used as reaction to something annoying. This word is barely a standalone word, it usually comes in conjugations.

- ya khara: calling on to someone; usually your younger sibling or your nephew, calling someone "ya khara" usually comes with a lot of strong negative emotions from past experiences with that person
- khara 3alaik(i) : shit on you--add the "i" if addressed to a feminine; usually means "fuck you" or "damn you"
- kol khara: eat shit; one of the most effective ways to tell someone to shut up
- zay el khara: just like shit; best used to describe a girl's makeup or someone's creative ideas and creations, it's also an accurate description for a day when you are fired off your job, made an accident on your way back, and returned home to see your apartment burn down to ashes.
Ya Khara, get out of my room.
I swear I am not going to do it, khara 3alaik!
Kol khara, and listen to what I have to say!
How was your day? Zay el khara
Your food is just zay el khara, I wouldn't feed it to my dog.
Ya khara! You finished the battery on my phone playing Subway!
by username.already.taken October 9, 2020
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a word in the Iraqi dialect that is ''Shit''
I took a big Khara after eating from taco bell.
by OFFICERchoclet February 16, 2022
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the arabic term for SHIT like ur face
by CHBI November 20, 2021
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