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A totally amazing high school located outside of Jackson, Wisconsin.

A high school filled with easy women and where 98% of the students are loaded with cash. Kettle Moraine Lutheran also has a much higher drug problem compared to other Lutheran high schools.

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (KML) is wayy better at sports than any other school in their conference, especially Laconia and Winnebago Lutheran Academy, also known as WLA or "pooptard acadamy" by some students.

Kettle Moraine Lutheran has about 430 students and continues to grow year after year.

In sports KML dominates year after year, the Chargers have consistently won state in Volleyball, Women's Soccer, Cheerleading, and always is a strong contender with every other sport.

While Kettle Moraine Lutheran continues to excell at everything they do, Winnebago Lutheran continues to be stupid.
Man 1: "Hey man! Did you win at that basketball game yesterday?"

Man 2: "Nahhh man... We played Kettle Moraine Lutheran..."

Student 1: "Hey dude, I heard your transferring to Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School?"

Student 2: "yeahhh... I gotta get out of WLA man, Winnebago Lutheran sucks..."
by supermanX234K7 March 14, 2012
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