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When someone buys a water wing for masturbation and realizes there is 2 so they shove one up their ass leaving only the blow hole exposed, then soliciting someone to blow it up
I was driving cross country and bought a water wing to pass the time, so happens they only come in pairs, so I shoved that bastard in my hoop and pick up a hitchhiker who had no problem completing the Kentucky blow job
by Nashville bible pusher July 14, 2016
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When a trucker has a water for pleasuring himself and as we all know they come in pairs, so the other wing is in inserted into your ass deflated, leaving only the blow piece exposed and then having someone else inflate with their mouth
I was hauling some toys across country in my rig, got bored, so I pulled over and found nice guy and he gave me a Kentucky blowjob
by Nashville bible pusher June 08, 2016
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