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Born retarded, Kenny Glenn spent most of his childhood in Lawton, Oklahoma. On the 15th of February, 2009 he went ahead and signed his own doom by having his retarded friend record him beating the shit out of Dusty the Cat. This of course brought upon him the wrath of the world leading us all to believe that Dusty is in fact the reincarnation of Limecat himself.
A: What the fuck is wrong with this kid???
B: Oh, that's Kenny Glenn... I'm just gonna head over there cause honestly I can't watch this.
A: Jesus, why the fuck would he do that to a poor cat!?
by Morsemann February 17, 2009
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A while male of the 14 year-old range that attacked and beat a cat named Dusty. After beating his cat and posting the video on youtube, it was removed after 30,000 people saw this horrible act. The video is now on liveleak, as people still watch in horror at the disgusting acts of Kenny. There is a website in his name displaying all his personal information to anyone who decides to.. do something.. about it.

Successful troll.
by Not Kenny Glenn February 16, 2009
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Kenny Glenn was a 14 year old kid who posted videos of him beating his cat (aka dusty the cat)
Around 30,000 people saw this video
Believe it or not a Person who used /b/ the 4chan board actually found the ip of Kenny and reported it to authorities

I'm guessing later that day or 2-3 days later he was arrested
the videos are still up on liveleak
dude1:(receiving im )
what the fuck is that kid doing to that cat

troller: hahahahhaha

omg my cats Kenny Glenn is loose
by metelmario July 28, 2010
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