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Home to many of the typical high school social classes&nuns who can't teach for their life.
-Preps- the most common (it IS a Catholic school, isn't it?). People who belong to this are: cheerleaders who think they're all that, but really can't do a hurkey; football players, who haven't won a game in the past ten years; and the (very annoying) smart kids.
-The oh-so-fake emo group. There aren't many of them, but theys wear as much eyeliner as they can&pretend to not give a crap about their grades.
- Thought it's a Catholic school, there are more gays than in NYC; parents send their kids there as "punishment" for their "sexual lifestyle" &the kids who think they're normal, but are super-annoying& don't leave the REAL normal people alone. (See stage 5 clinger)

-Freshmen: Babies who don't know how to walk in hallways. There's that group of freshmen who think they're hotter than anyone else, challenging the upper-classmen in volume levels, grades & even dating them.
-Sophomores: Obviously survived Freshmen year, so they think that entitles them to be the "Coolest Kids in School" and trample anyone in their path. Most obnoxious & dread actual work, like to complain.
-Juniors: Actually are serious about grades- they have college coming up. Suck-up to teachers, and try to flirt with the hot ones, which Kennedy has maybe two- visit their favorite teachers daily.
-Seniors: Can't wait to get out. The idiots flirt with the ditzy freshmen cheerleaders. Generally keep to themselves,.
Oh, you go to Kennedy Catholic High School? Are you gay or did you just think the uniform is sexy?
by LaLaLiexxx3 October 24, 2010
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Home of the Golden Eagles
Located in a small town of Pennsylvania
If you are from Africa and like basketball, then I'm sure you'll get recruited.
Kennedy Catholic High School recruits for basketball.
by WillBillMan December 26, 2017
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A high school in Burien, WA that is home to every stereotype possible and is considered extremely gay by almost everyone around. Another commonly used phrase to describe it is "paying for public education" because compared to the other private high schools around, it is shit. Other than the few super cool teachers there, the faculty is super annoying and likes to threaten the students with taking away prom if they don't go to all the other dances. When in reality, all of the other dances suck so no one wants to go to them. The school is also thought of as having a bunch of goodie two-shoe kids when in actuality, those kids only make up about 1/4 of the student body. Another 1/4 are the druggies and another is the actual drug dealers. The last 1/4 is the exchange students that tend to stay in their own groups and probably make fun of everyone else in their own language. But the few cool people there make the school awesome and overall it is a hellabomb school where anyone can feel welcome. (:
-"I secretly wish I could go to kennedy catholic high school... it looks so cool."
-"Dude... you're so gay."
by yo homie from da streets December 01, 2011
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