A rapper who sounds like Donald Duck on crack
Tom: Have you heard that rapper Kendrick Lamar? What do you think of him?
Josh: He sounds like Donald Duck on crack!
by The Fap King August 02, 2018
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An overrated rapper who sounds like a fucking twelve year old girl who just got kicked in the vagina. Since his rise to fame, he has managed to drop three of the most awful and overrated albums in hip hop. He is so pretentious and overrated, I can't even take it. His only decent album was Section.80, but after that he became a mainstream corporate watered down sellout, making songs with rihanna and taylor swift. Maybe if he had a better voice I could take him more seriously but with that voice just ugh. This overrated rapper was also inspired by the work of lil wayne, so already that should tell you that he is a complete joke and that you should stay away from him. He tries to be a conscious lyrical rapper and speak on world issues but he fails miserably at it. Some people think he's like this hip hop savior or the new Lupe Fiasco but those people are obviously very stupid, because Lupe actually did what Lamar fails to do.
Guy1: Bro, Kendrick Lamar sounds just like a 12 year old girl who got kicked in the vagina when he raps.
Guy2: I know, and his music isn't that good either. His lyricism is very overrated, he's just a more lyrical version of Drake. To Pimp a Butterfly is the most overrated album next to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
by Icy Wyte June 20, 2018
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27 year old Comoton Rapper. His most recent record label is Aftermath. Most recent albun Damn and all the people that hate him can suck a dick
Fagget 1:Hey did you hear the new Kendrick Lamar song?
Fagget 2:Who is he that faggit from Black Hippy?
by CARL JOHNSON June 02, 2017
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