When bruhsend you da dick pic but you can't see much and you forward it to all your friends #siphoes
Giiiiiirl, he ain't packin. He a Ken doll.
by British Gal 1973 January 29, 2021
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A very handsome male, who is very straight and hot/fit/gorgeous, very loyal to his gf/partner, lives having fun and will do anything for someone who would do the same. He won't hurt a fly untill it hurts him.
Libby: How was your date last night.

Izzabel: So good he was such a ken doll
by Samantha greying November 05, 2018
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1) A meek or mild mannered man; a wuss, acting like you have no balls; no guts; no spine.
2) A poorly hung male remenicent of a Ken doll.
3) A male, overly attactive or primped, superficial, possibly straight, gay, bi or metrosexual. Also remenicent of a Ken Doll.
1) Clay is such a wuss that he never takes any risks or stands up for himself. What a Ken Doll.
Howard Stern admits he's hung like a Ken Doll
3) David Hasslehoff is an over the hill Ken Doll.
by Tenacious Faulker February 06, 2009
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When a guy pulls his scrotum up and over his penis hiding everything in his sack. The result.. looking like a true to life Ken Doll.
Ricky came out of the bathroom and had put his sack over his penis, I screamed and he said "Hey, Barbie Girl, I am your Ken Doll"
by Cainon Stone August 05, 2014
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The act of taking an attractive man and mentally picturing he has no junk in his trunk.
Usually done when a man is off limits (a friend's ex, gay, just a friend,etc.)

You picture that if you were to pull down his pants there would be nothing there.
Imagining a man has no sexual organ, but is rather smooth in his nether regions like a ken doll.
Ya, he is attractive, but he is my best friend's ex so I have been ken dolling him since them and always will. He has no D in my mind because he has been ken dolled
by slangslingingslasher February 02, 2014
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The way that a nude painting is painted in that the subject has no genitalia.
Refers to the fact that the Ken doll is not anatomically correct.
You can paint a nude portrait of me, as long as you don't give me the Ken Doll.
by jonterry4 March 06, 2007
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An extremely handsome man, who upon closer inspection is determined to be superficial, and shallow or "plastic" as well as having significantly smaller than normal or virtually nonexistent (male)genitalia.
Alice: Hey, how was the date with the Cop?

Jenny: Awful. Total Ken Doll. Don't waste the pretty, baby.
by BrnEyes May 19, 2005
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