An absolutly beautiful girl. She looks like a model but is often thought of as a bitch or whore by jealous girls. Boys love her and girls want to be her. She is super popular . She is loud and proud and has a good large circle of friends . She is kind of full of herself but has every right to be. She should be careful of being date raped at parties . She is sometimes shy when she is with a boy she likes a lot, but once you get to know her you will find out she is the kinky-est thing around.
Person 1: "Look at her"
Person 2: "Is that an angel"
Person 3: "No, that is Kelsi"

Girl : "Ew look at that skank"
Boy : "She's not a skank, your just a jealous bitch"
by I admire from afar March 30, 2011
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Kelsi is unlike any person you'll ever meet and has something that sets her apart from every body else. She can be extremely stubborn and very bitchy but has one of the biggest hearts out there. She is very hard to read but once you get to know her, you keep wanting to know more. She dreams bigger than her peers and won't stop until she gets what she wants, she's going to be very successful with a career like singing, acting, or modeling. Kelsi gets lost in things and people very easily and it's not necessarily a good thing. She feels so much for everyone that she always ends up getting hurt in the end. Kelsi is somewhat of a magnet. Boys go crazy over her. She walks through a room and turns heads. Even though many guys want Kelsi, kelsi rarely wants them back. She's extremely picky and once she finds a guy she loves she falls in love fast and hard. Kelsi is very loyal and would never even dream of cheating. She's constantly listening to music and day dreaming. Kelsi is different because she's truly a genuine person, which is so rare to find. Kelsi comes off as innocent but she has a wild side, especially in bed. Kelsi can either be slow and passionate and send chills down your spine or can be the kinkiest girl in the world. If you are lucky enough to have kelsi as a friend or as a lover than don't let her go.
Kelsi is so sweet but I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.
by Ssshhhhhhhh December 01, 2016
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1. to be kelsi is to being throw into your loft in god all hours of the night because you have just drank yourself into oblivion.

2. extreme hitting when you get drunk
"god you are such a kelsi"

"You were being such a kelsi last night"
by Bethany Bertsch October 30, 2007
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kelsi is an outgoing person, but when you get to know her she grows on to you. most people love her while others are jealous, and very few hate her. she doesn't try to fit in. she is herself and that's what people like about her. she has trouble when it comes to boys because she has the biggest heart and no one to share it with. she gets taken for granted by them, but hopefully she will find a guy with a loving heart. she has very few relationships through out her life, but is the most gorgeous person. she is insecure at times about herself, but has those bestfriends to make it all better. she wants attention, but not in a bad way. she wants to fall for someone, but only one not multiple. she has secret admirers who never say who they are because they are too nervous. her smile and laugh bring joy to the people around her. if you fall in love with her remember how special she is because she wants nothing more than to be loved.
if you ever fall for a kelsi treat her well.
by flo diego April 08, 2017
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A very high spirited, adventurous, fun girl! She has a temper but she is normally very kind! Lobes animals and can be very notable
She is the kindest most sweetest person to have around!

She will stick by you but say things she doesn't mean to say!
She is your rock and will always be your rock! You will always love her even if she gets mad at you! She is also one party girl! Has a big butt
Guy1: Wow she was so crazy last night! She got a temper with me!
Girl1: Calm down bro! U need to give her space!

Girl2: Yea that is one girl I don't want to mess with
Guy2: That is no normal girl she is a total Kelsi
by rye_frie234 September 14, 2016
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A girl (duh) who clearly understanda more then what people think. A person who no matter what happened minutes before can make you smile. The girl who you technically just meet gut is already your best friend. A strange girl who loves anime and weird dance moves. A person who listens to great music and can't spell for shit.
Person1: " Hey who's that weird ass chick with the Panic! At the Disco shirt?"

Person2 :" That's Kelsi with n 'I' and she's not weird, just unique."
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by Clearly_Mikayuu May 23, 2016
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