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This CrazyCat is a young, loveable, positive character. Usually blonde, though whether this is natural or not is argueable. Kelsey Belle's are always the life of the party and can be relied on to lift anybody's spirits. She is often the victim of harsh words and abuse from haters but she lets all the negativity slide over her head because she knows it's all down to jealousy. Kelsey Belle has The Boyfriend that everyone wants yet she doesn't care to flaunt it, she loves him just for being himself. She is someone everyone admires because of how gorgeous she is both inside and out. One should always keep Kelsey Belle close by their side for she will protect, shelter and stand up for them.
Girl 1: "I'm meeting Kelsey Belle again on the weekend!"
Girl 2: "Oh really? I am so jealous! I'd love to have a friend like Kelsey!"

Girl 1 "Have you seen what that girl tweeted about Belle?"
Girl 2: "Don't worry, Kelsey Belle will laugh it off."
by MissPositiveEnergyx October 25, 2011
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