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The hottest girl ever in any general setting. Such as a party, or a class.
Dude, that girl is such a Kell Yeah. Im totally going to ask for her number.

Im dating a Kell Yeah, how lucky am I?
by Mr. Chandler August 03, 2006
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1.kell yeah (adj.)
2.kell yeah (pronoun)

The Kell Yeah revolution started in 2005 at Longwood University. Kell Yeah can be used as an expression, example: "kell yeah im going to the party tonight!" It is also the superior nickname of an amazing young lady with enough energy to last a life time! Kell Yeah has led to facebook groups, t-shirts, and she has even made radio appearances. The first part which is simply kell can also be used in an expressive manner for example: "its hot as Kell in here". Kell Yeah however should NEVER be used in a negative way for example: "kell no" This is not appropiate.
Casey : " Hey Ash! Are you going to the party tonight?!"
Ashley : "Kell Yeah I am!"


Lindsey: Hello?
Kelly : Get the Kell out of bed! We're going to Brunch!

ANd Finally,

Brandon : "OMG! It's so Hot!"
John : "I know, it's hot as Kell in here!"
by Lovers of Kell Yeah May 04, 2006
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