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The name of a pelvic floor muscle and exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. A common function of these muscles is stopping and starting the flow of urine.

In men, the benefits of Kegel exercises include increased ejaculatory control. In women, a strong Kegel muscle can aid in efficient child birth and gives the vagina a better "grip".
Amy can make me cum just by working her Kegel muscle while I'm inside her.
by G-wiz December 25, 2003
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Sex exercises that help a guy control his orgasms better
He practiced his kegels so he could go longer without cumming
by marcel August 30, 2004
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the act of pleaing any gender by using this form while having sexual intercourse.
I practiced my kegels so I can pleasure my boyfriend more.
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
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The exercise where you tense a specific part between scrotum and anus called you PC muscle.
When you 'pull' a kegel it makes you smile if u do it right... And if you practice them you can have multiple orgasms.
Teacher: Hey jonathan what's wrong?
Jonathan: My dads just died and my mother has been jaxi-rushed by a bear.
Teacher: Anything i can do?
Jonathan: Could you please just leave me alone...
Teacher: Well you know what i do to make myself smile in times of distress... When i'm feeling down 'pull' a Kegel!
Jonathan: :D Man that feels good...
by Hakim Sanchez February 05, 2003
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Verb (to kegel, kegelled, kegelling)
To place one's vagina atop another's head and flex the vaginal muscles.
The female version of a tea-bag.
Thom: And then I woke up to Nicole kegeling my head.
Syd: Yeah, she kegelled like 12 people that night.
by kardiakarrest September 12, 2011
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a cute and contagious laugh that can be heard from small and long distances.
My friend walking behind us at the game was kegeling so loud I didn't have to see her to know where she was.
by kegel kay April 05, 2011
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An alternate term for bowling- according to the noted linguistic expert, Fred Flintstone.
Hey Barn, care to go kegeling?
by Malcolm X-crement December 27, 2003
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