Kees is an amazing person, At soccer and has the best girlfriend ever and is an inspiration to all soccer players around the globe. His gfs are always amazing and beautiful.
Bro, he's just like a Kees

No way man, he can't be that perfect!
by Horixon September 01, 2015
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Religion in which people believe the world and everything in it exists entirely of Kees and David in certain unclear amounts.
Kees is mostly viewed as good and David as the bad because david laughed at everything that failed.
But some people say that david isn't evil at all because he is more like a group player.
kees is also used as a name if the original name is unclear.
No i dont believe in god, i believe in kees.
De's probably more david than kees.
Don't mention kees, he's a bit grumpy today.
by Reiga January 04, 2010
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It's the English version of the Arabic word that means "Bag"

The Plural version of Kees is "Keesis"
We need a very big Kees
Ali needs about 5 keesis
by The Norwegian mouse April 14, 2021
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A common given name for males in the Netherlands, often used as nickname for Cornelis. Kees is leadership, honor and value, a name to be proud off.
by astra2017 August 18, 2017
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to laugh...mostly at somebody. to giggle with a friend, to yourself, "carry on" with someone about something funny; talking it up, laughing on and on about something, that to others, may not be "as" funny
To say Keisha don't like Shawn, they shole were kee-keein the other day at lunch. I knew Eric liked Tee, he got her over there kee-KEEin, don't he?
by TuffEnuff October 29, 2008
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To laugh or chill, mainly used in the gay community
We're gonna kee kee after work today.
by salvatore ferregamo January 06, 2009
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