When you have less than 500 damage at the end of a warzone rebirth game
Player 1 - 12 kills (3120 damage)
Player 2 - 6 kills (1590 damage)

Player 3 - 1 kill (320 damage)
Player 3 has (Keegan Damage)
by Lucky charm phenomenon August 6, 2021
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a little marshmallow squid who doesnt know what a treadmill is
have you seen keegan eddy on a treadmill before?
No i havent
by 420.clowns June 24, 2022
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A nice freckled child that does not want to hear you jokes about the cheesy cooch. Sometimes he will get angered when mini cheese balls are placed on his stomach in a discrete fashion and he will proceed to aggressively hit the quan while awaiting further instructions.
Holy shit, Keegan Froeckmann time!
by The Gulath Clan September 23, 2018
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So imma level with you, it’s bad, really, really bad. He’s a 14 y/o dipshit canadian that plays xbox and likes to annoy the shit out of his peers for his own entertainment. One of his favorite pastimes is Dick and ball.
by Yung Cheese July 2, 2019
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a man so pretty you will fall harder for him than chris rock
gah damn i wanna smash
keegan ht is so sexy i want to fuck him in the asshole(s)
no way me too
by sugionojeven May 22, 2022
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