oh thats the chubby little gay garden gnome boy keegan
by p0grz August 16, 2021
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a dumbass that always plays bonk.io during science class. if you see a keegan IMMEDIATELY tell a teacher and report to 12
do you see that keegan over there. hes such a dumbass
by cw12345678 December 19, 2019
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Keegan currently holds and maintains the number 1 track record, pronounced “Keegan Track Record Wright” if you will. Unfortunately with such high numbers in which Keegan holds, we will never see the day he gets knocked off the peninsula of the podium, not in our lifetime anyway, this will require generations of hard work and Medical centre appointments,
there’s been rumours he’s hung enough to be able to prod the cat out from underneath the bed. All in all bloody top bloke he’s an idol for sure.
Mince and Keeg
Mac and keeg
Would you like some grated keeg on top of you’re saalad

Be like Keegan
by TrackRecordcontender November 23, 2021
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Yo Keegan likes to throw frisbees. Colorado is tall, apple fritter, blonde hair, car, socks and sandals ALL day long, huge personality. Like the best. 11/10 human being. Would recommend.
Person 1: Yo
Person 2: Yo
Person 1: Did you hear Keegan’s laugh last night?
Person 2: He’s in your closet
Person 1: He’s following you
by BigBear3000 September 7, 2020
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a hypocrite, the type of dude whos cool until shit goes down
wow what a keegan that was
by That One Wierd Kid April 26, 2019
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Keegan is a very salty girl with long Lucious hair usually has blonde hair and and blue eyes and is very annoying but overall she is a good friend
Keegan is gay
by Longlusciouscutie69 May 3, 2020
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Keegan is a very salty girl she usually has long Lucious blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, the only thing about a Keegan is they get annoyed very fast
Keegan is a salty girl
by Longlusciouscutie69 May 3, 2020
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