A rat of a man who loves roasting people even though he could be easily roasted AND toasted, easily one of the meanest people alive
Oh my god, you are SUCH a keegan
by sparklybutthole June 17, 2020
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to be a keegan you must fulfill the entire following criteria;
have a v cute face and mm hawt leegz, possess a huge big heart and little green eyes which adore the sunshine. religiously listen to flume and other various assthetic sounds, including old skool bangerz. diet consists mainly of iced coffees, moonee schnitty's, and unfortunately, wagga potatoes.
sk8r boi obvs. can fly sum big ass planes SOLO, but on one condition - that he comes back in one piece. v shmart boi also. must always wear socks (not optional). has the biggest and most unconditional love of all time. if u are the one person that matches all of these criteria, i love u with all my heart. more than mint ice cream, more than savoury shapes, and more than strawberry clouds <3
girl: oooh dang gurl u got u a keegan? big oof u is a lucky one

me: oh yes i am he is my world i love so much

girl: he is so sexi hey
me: *disappears momentarily, returns with an object*
girl: hey now babe put that knife down oh nO IM SORRY I TAKE BACK
me: yes thnk u *puts knife in pocket*
girl: *is scared*
by bigdickenergy December 9, 2018
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On the spectrum, waves his hands around like a helicopter on the daily. He makes random noises and is not very bright. He gets mad easily and is spoiled. He gets in verbal fights at schools and sometimes gets physical. This guy is one you would want to avoid but if you do befriend him he won't kill you.
Meagan - "Have you seen how the Keegan guy looks?"
Julia - "Yeah he kind is humming to himself all the time and waving his arms around, weird."
Meagan - "Yeah lets avoid him, I heard he picks fights with people who disagree with him."
by Keegans brother May 25, 2020
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A Keegan is that one guy in your friend group that is the most arrogant person you know and he will be the guy that has all the charisma of the group don't get me wrong he's a great friend he's just a "bit" arrogant thats all.
Keegan:"did you see that kill bro that was amazing admit it"
You: "yeah that was cool did you see mine as well"
Keegan:"no no no no that was ok but mine was just mwah"
by Antwan (pika) November 25, 2021
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oh thats the chubby little gay garden gnome boy keegan
by p0grz August 16, 2021
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a dumbass that always plays bonk.io during science class. if you see a keegan IMMEDIATELY tell a teacher and report to 12
do you see that keegan over there. hes such a dumbass
by cw12345678 December 19, 2019
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Keegan currently holds and maintains the number 1 track record, pronounced “Keegan Track Record Wright” if you will. Unfortunately with such high numbers in which Keegan holds, we will never see the day he gets knocked off the peninsula of the podium, not in our lifetime anyway, this will require generations of hard work and Medical centre appointments,
there’s been rumours he’s hung enough to be able to prod the cat out from underneath the bed. All in all bloody top bloke he’s an idol for sure.
Mince and Keeg
Mac and keeg
Would you like some grated keeg on top of you’re saalad

Be like Keegan
by TrackRecordcontender November 23, 2021
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