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• Name: 坂本和弥
• Name (romaji): Sakamoto Kazuya

• Profession: Actor and singer

• Birthdate: 1983-Dec-10

• Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture

• Height: 170cm

• Weight: 50kg

• Blood type: O

• Family: Older twin brother (Sakamoto Naoya)

• Band: ON/OFF (Debuted in 2007)

He often refers to himself as Kazuya mama when doing laundry. He often doesn't make sense when writing about his simple day in his blog entries. When introducing himself he notes when giving his name he is the younger brother. By fans he is refered to as "Kazuya" or "Kazu" for short. Kazuya is very quite compared to his brother but has a smile that kills sweetly. Also, Kazuya has a rubber duck he likes to bathe with. Overall, he is a Japanese hottie, what is there not to like?
Kazuya Sakamoto the twin who is easy to attack in a broom closet.

Senario 1:
Kazuya Sakamoto: umm...hi my name is Kazuya but you can call me Kazu-chan.

Girl: *faints from sound of his voice*

Kazuya Sakamoto: *takes Girl away*

Senario 2:
Kazuya Sakamoto: *walks by*

Girl1: OMG! It is Kazuya!

Girl2: Isn't he the ultimate adorable?!

Kazuya Sakamoto: *lays by a cat to take a picture with it*

Girls: O.O O.O
by Himi~chan February 16, 2010
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