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a nation that most people had never heard of before a certain mr. cohen came along. now it's on the tip of everybody's tounge. Borat was indeed a masterpiece of oddball comedy, but Kazakhstan isn't exactly how it's portrayed in the movie.

Kazakhstan, like most of the exotic and unknown 'Stan countires,' was made up of autonomous tribes until the Russians took over in the 1800s. when the Soviet Union was formed, it became part of that nation. kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, so a very large number of ethnic Russians entered the region for mining and manufacturing. after the 1991 collapse of the Soviets, Kazakhstan became indepedendent.

today, kazakhstan is a huge, mostly barren coutnry with about 15 million people. it is ruled by a certain mr. nazyerbayev, an old Soviet leader who wins faux elections to constantly be 'elected' president. the country actually has tremendous natural resources, but it doesn't have the funds to do anything with them.
In Kazakhstan, Sacha Baren Cohen is currently public enemy #1 for the gov't. It's hilarous that one groundbreaking comedian can ruin the global image of a once subtle nation.
by Tit For Twat January 26, 2007
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a former soviet union country, currently part of the cis. 9th largest in the world. (slowly) developing.
famous between foreigners for extremely hospitable, generous people and eating horses.
damn that borat! kazakhstan rocks!!
by ladybugs_rock May 22, 2005
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a nation which contains a large number of Russian-speaking beautiful asian looking women.
I went to Kazakhstan and had sex with this hot girl.
by Ikar September 12, 2005
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Kazakhstan is the country, which used to be a part of a Soviet Union. Now Kazakhstan is one of the most developing country in the world. I heard that it is in the 3rd place after China & India. Has president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has been president since the Republic was established in 1991.
And damned Borat is not from the Kazakhstan!!! He is just an asshole with a dumb jokes, who hasn't been there, because he is afraid to go to kazakhstan.
Do you know Kazakhstan?
Where is it? - "typical american answer"
by NosFeRatu_013 May 02, 2006
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Home of Borat Sagdiyev. See also Ali G and Bruno.
My sister, she is number 2... or 3... best prostitute in the country of Kazakhstan.
by International Bad Boy March 28, 2005
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