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A total shithole in which Jack O'hara and Luke Mitchell live. You could poo in your toilet then jog down to the beach to meet the poo at the end of its journey out of the pipes and into the sea. Don't bother wiping cause Luke doesn't, he shits into a pot then freezes it and grinds it up into fertiliser for his Weed plantation. The sewage problem is apparently "fixed" but thats complete bullshit. The list of items at their indian owned grocery is endless! They Have: Icecream, all i guess HA! The movie wrong turn 2 was set in Kawakawa Bay using the local residents. No make-up was used on them as they already looked the part. G4NG$T@
Jared: Wanna go to Kawakawa Bay?
Nathan: Nah fuck that shit.
Jared: Don't worry they are already doing that. HAHAHA
Nathan: HAHAHA LOL lets go to Henderson #Herpes
Jared: #BetterThanPoos
Nathan: Oush.. I love you
Jared: Chur.
by Brad Jefferson April 15, 2013
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