It's a piano company that makes good pianos. It's also known for its Shigeru-Kawaii pianos.
Some even have K.Kawai written on the lid to the keys.
You have a nice Kawaii piano.
by pianist September 09, 2010
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Sounds like hawaii...means cute,pretty or dear in Japan.
kawaii can mean beach/surf/ect in hawaiian because of the ka part.
japan:Awww! That kitten is so kawaii
hawaii:Lets go catch some kawaii!
by Danielle hawaii girl rox August 01, 2006
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A Japanese adjective meaning "beautiful".

It's used commonly by anime fans as part of their broken repertoire of Japanese words. Most of the time it's not even used in the right context, betraying the speaker's ignorance and unwillingness to actually learn the meaning of the Japanese terms they are obsessed over.

Female weebs are distinguished by their frequent use of the term. It's not used by male weebs very often.
Weeb: this game is so kawaii (referring to halo 5)
Me: Shut the fuck up you dumbass. Kawaii means beautiful, not amazing.

Weeb 2: ur so kawaii >.<
Me: I'm a straight guy, don't tell me that I'm fucking "beautiful".
by Brodo_Swaggins October 22, 2016
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Cute; pretty.
Sometimes applied to Hentai(Erotic Anime)
Ironically, Kawaii drawings usually have the characters fully in clothes, yet the style which it is drawn is very cute and very pretty.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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An annoying thing b***hes like to say when something is adorable. Also means cute in Japanese
B***h 1: Oh my God Stephanie your selfies so KAWAII!!!
Stephanie: Ikr I thought it was the most kawaii thing ever!!!!
B***h 2: SQUEE!!! It's so kawaii!!!
Me: my God shut up before I rip those vocal cords of yours out of your neck!!😡
by Queen Chilebean June 25, 2015
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a fucking gay word that only wapanese tryhards, such as gwen stefani would use. anybody using this word deserves to DIE.
gwen stefani: super kawaii!
by Alpha Badrem January 01, 2006
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